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The Answer to All Limiting Beliefs and Confidence Problems: Balls

Guy: “I want to fuck young, hot girls AND I’m unwilling to change or feel uncomfortable.”
Edge: “You will need to change and be willing to tolerate discomfort if/when it comes up.”
Guy: “Then I will masturbate as I watch men who are willing to try successfully fuck all of the women that I want.”

There are a countless number of reasons to not take action in the real world and TRY, no matter where you’re at.

The limiting beliefs would be “true”, but the solution would always be the same: Balls.

Now, in case you think I am advocating a dumb caveman or macho approach, I’m not. I am a die-hard strategist. I love formulating strategy to solve problems.

But when the issue is that a man is unwilling to take action (or unwilling to deal with what could potentially happen as a result), then there is only one problem and only one solution.


If you are unwilling to tolerate potential discomfort (facing your limiting beliefs), then you will not have the solution until you face it.

Debating about pick-up will not give you balls.
Analyzing pick-up will not give you balls.
Reading about pick-up will not give you balls.

I’m not saying those things won’t make you feel better in the moment.
I’m not saying you won’t feel like you’re making progress (even though you’re still not getting your dream girls yet.)
I’m not saying you won’t come away with an illusion of it being “easier” next time.

What I’m saying is it won’t solve the FUNDAMENTAL problem.

What is the fundamental problem?

The fundamental problem is buying into social illusion bullshit (on a surface level). On a deeper level, the fundamental problem is being UNWILLING to act in spite of whatever limiting belief you have.

When you are unwilling to accept the idea that your thoughts and feelings might be HUGE illusions that do not serve you, you will be tremendously handicapped.

When you are unwilling to challenge your thoughts and feelings with ACTION, you will be a puppet to your mind monster.

If you are unwilling to find out what’s illusion and what’s not, then it has the appearance of all being real.

Guys who are willing to challenge their illusions realize how much of the social scene is bullshit and so they are not shackled down by the illusions that shackle you down. You watch as they gracefully take action shameless and get results, meanwhile you are unwilling to take that action because (insert any one of the excuses here).

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but challenging your illusions with action is the only way to make progress.

It’s a huge trap to try to reason with your limiting beliefs or reasons to not take action because you aren’t reasoning with something that’s real. You’re fighting with a mirror!

Even if you could dispel the illusory limiting beliefs so that you no longer believed them, new illusions would creep into their place. Ones that are even more convincing to you… your mind monster will always try to trick you and you need to be willing to challenge him.

Published under copyright by Loveawake italia. © Copyright 2010-2020. All rights reserved.

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