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Armada Advantage Introduces Predictive Modeling Software That Helps Transportation Fleets Forecast Optimal Truck Replacement Cycles

Armada Advantage reported another noteworthy advancement and expansion to its honor winning ATLAS stage with the expansion of prescient Lifecycle Management Software (LMS). This expansion empowers Fleet Advantage to enable its customers to anticipate the ideal substitution cycles and operational cost reserve funds on their maturing trucks. 

ATLAS is an imaginative and spearheading business knowledge asset for private armadas and for-procure bearers. The production stage is utilized to deal with all relevant armada data with information examination and perceptions to deal with a whole armada with a couple of keystrokes, on one stage, without the requirement for a help group of investigators or information researchers. The product tells armadas months ahead of time when an individual truck or gathering of trucks will arrive at their TippingPoint, where a truck arrives at financial oldness and costs more to work than to supplant with more up to management advantage

"With ATLAS, we've demonstrated an unmistakable duty to safeguarding the main concern for our transportation armada customers through development and business insight bringing about more brilliant and increasingly productive dynamic," said Brian Holland, president, and CFO of Fleet Advantage. 

This new improvement assists Fleet With advantaging recognize, anticipate and estimate each truck's TippingPoint by choosing future dates to investigate any number of criteria, including truck, make, model and type; just as use qualities, for example, utilization area and fuel measurements. This basic knowledge predicts the investment funds throughout the following one, two, or three years and shows where unit substitutions would introduce operational cost reserve funds over the anticipated time allocation during that time length.

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